Terms and Conditions

Email: info@sdjanitor.com – Phone: 866 495 6579
Janitorial License: JS-LR-1000519269


Our Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed: If you have any comments or concerns about the cleaning service we provide, please get in touch with us within 24 hours of the service. SD Janitor will re-clean the specific area free of charge within 36 hours. Please note that calls made after 24 hours of the initial clean may not be eligible for this offer and are reviewed case-by-case.

Information about our cleaning services: SD Janitor might keep some of the cleaning supplies and professional cleaning equipment at your facility due to the frequency and duration of the scope of work. SD Janitor will use the client's consumable supplies (dish soap, hand soap, paper towels, etc.) to replace empty containers for your tenant's use. Alternatively, SDJ can assist you with supply management, placing orders, and managing supplies stock for your facility.

Please ensure any private information regarding your business is appropriately stored before SD Janitor employees arrive at your office to clean. We cannot be responsible for any information a cleaner may learn about your business from information left in the open. Notwithstanding the foregoing, our staff is instructed to maintain the confidentiality of the information they learn while cleaning your business.

Please disclose any information regarding fragile items in your office to SD Janitor so we can treat them with special care.

SD Janitor cannot be responsible for accidental breakage due to improper and unsafe installation of picture frames, shelves, or hidden items on top shelves.

The following types of cleaning are separate from our regular cleaning service. They are considered additional services unless explicitly specified on the quote or proposal: window cleaning, hand cleaning of blinds and outdoor areas, and moving heavy furniture to clean underneath. Any additional questions regarding what is and is not covered during a regular cleaning service can be answered by calling (866) 495-6579.

Please properly mark any 220-volt plugs at your location. The client will be responsible for any damage to any Janitor equipment if plugged into a 220-volt plug that is not properly marked as a 220-volt plug and is easily accessible to use.

Soliciting that any SD Janitor employee provides the client with cleaning services outside this Agreement will result in immediate termination of employment for the employee and services for the client, as well as legal action against the employee.

Financial Policy/Services Fees: SD Janitor gives the client an estimated price for cleaning services (based on the workload and frequency requested by the client); after the estimated visit, SD Janitor reserves the right to revise the service price after the first five cleanings and adjust the price, if necessary, based on the actual amount of work performed at the client’s property. SD Janitor will obtain the client’s prior written consent before performing services at a rate different than the rate outlined in this Agreement (email is sufficient).

Any change in the cleaning workload in the client’s property will be reviewed, and the service fee may be adjusted. Any adjustments to the service fee are subject to the client’s prior written approval (email is sufficient).

Any rescheduled service visit will require a price adjustment on the following cleaning based on the frequency change and the additional cleaning workload. Any adjustments to the service fee are subject to the client’s prior written approval (email is sufficient). Permanent schedule changes, frequency of services, or changes on the terms of this agreement require 30 days written notice for the change to take effect (email is sufficient).

Forms of Payments: By Check: Please make your checks payable to the order of SD JANITOR INC. and mail them to 1094 CUDAHY PL. #306, SAN DIEGO, CA 92110.

Cancellations, Changes on Schedule Dates, and Holidays: If you need to cancel or postpone your scheduled cleaning, please email or call the office as soon as possible. Your account is on a monthly retainer contract, and canceled sessions won’t impact the monthly fee. If your office closes during holidays (or other reasons such as collective vacation), we will work with you and figure out alternative schedule options. But please keep in mind that your monthly retainer will stay the same.

SD Janitor observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day,

President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

During the holidays mentioned above, our office will be closed, and our operations will be reduced, except for clients who require services on those specific days. If your business does not observe any of the holidays mentioned and needs our services, please let us know so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Locked-out Policy: if SD Janitor personnel cannot gain access to your business as agreed upon in the Agreement, the cleaning trip will be aborted and considered as done for billing purposes. SD Janitor will only return to your facility to perform the missing cleaning if you, the client, agree to pay a return fee of $100.

Communication with Cleaners & Services Requests: All new requests (within or without the scope of work) must go through the SD Janitor’s office first, either via email, phone call, or text message with one of the SD Janitor’s operations managers. SD Janitor does not authorize clients to communicate and ask for service requests or “favors” directly to the cleaners or any of their non-exempt employees.

Late Payments: If a payment is received after the 15th day after the payment due date, a 10% late fee shall be charged for each missed payment. The charge will be added to your bill until the balance is paid in full. If a no-payment goes beyond 45 days after the due date, a $100 collection fee will be added in addition to the late fee since the due date of the last unpaid cleaning invoice.

Your account must be in good standing to continue receiving our cleaning services. A request to pay by credit card or advance payments may be required to continue services.

Payments with Insufficient Funds: For a second offense, we will charge a $50.00 fee for any check returned for Insufficient Funds, and a late payment fee may be added.

Termination of Services: SD Janitor requires thirty (30) days’ notice for a commercial client to terminate our services. If the client does not give us this minimum notice, they agree to pay for the missed cleaning(s) and the amount of one month’s worth of cleaning services at the time of termination.

Termination for Cause: SD Janitor reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately, without notice, if the space lacks conditions for the service to be carried on, including but not limited to safe conditions for the cleaner, physically or otherwise, and if the space/facility constantly present conditions outside of the contracted scope of work (hazardous materials or conditions that pose a risk to the safety of the cleaner or others, repeated or willful failure to comply with SD Janitor's policies and procedures, damage to SD Janitor's equipment or property; failure to make timely payments).

Notice of Termination: If SD Janitor exercises its right to terminate this contract, it will provide the customer with written notice of termination. The customer will be responsible for paying SD Janitor for all services rendered up to the date of termination. This clause is designed to protect SD Janitor's ability to provide safe and effective janitorial services. If the space is not safe for the cleaner to work in, or if the space/facility constantly presents conditions outside of the contracted scope of work, SD Janitor may terminate the contract to protect the safety of its employees and to ensure that the customer receives the services they paid for.

Key Policy: Only authorized cleaners and team leaders will have access to your location on the scheduled service dates. Keys will be labeled with a code that does not reveal any identifiable information. If a key is lost, we immediately notify the client and request a replacement. The key will be returned to the client upon termination of our services.

Alarm System: Please provide clear instructions and necessary details about your alarm system. Inform your alarm company of the day(s) we will be entering and any possible temporary changes. Share any code words provided by your alarm company to avoid confusion in case the alarm is triggered. Provide information on fees for alarm mistakes or police involvement. We reserve the right to decline responsibility for any unknown fees.

Disclaimers: SD Janitor Inc. can only be held liable for the extent of the work carried out by us. No liability shall be accepted in respect of defects in existing installations or in respect of parts manufactured by others.

Please note that SD Janitor Inc. cannot be held responsible for any valuable items left unattended, including cash, jewelry, or high-value items. To ensure their safety, we advise clients to lock such items away and/or install security cameras. In the event of any theft claims, we take them seriously, but we require proof before we can investigate. Our policy is designed to protect the integrity of our team members, the services we offer, and the safety of our clients.

SD Janitor shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to property, materials, or injuries to individuals caused by the personal actions of the client or other household members or guests before, during, or after such works have been carried out.

Scope of work contracted: Please refer to the detailed scope of work agreed to and listed on the quote attached to the Agreement.

We make a difference in our clients’ lives by providing cleaning services. We feel that having this agreement makes our relationship with our customers clear and helps to match each other’s expectations.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We'll be happy to answer them.