The Circle Process

Technology + Workflow

We have real-time information about when the work is starting, in-progress and finished and are able to manage inventory levels at each property.

SD Janitor has developed and implemented “The Circle Process”, a workflow management system that allows for real-time tracking of our services and staff.

The Circle Process works as compass, seamlessly providing direction for our entire staff. It serves as a quality control concept as well as a tangible tool for procedures that guarantees the proper execution of the work we perform with our customers and their properties are the heart of the circle.

The Circle Process encompasses a combination of team training, assessment of client’s needs (scope of work) and technology through the use of smart phone applications and GPS check-in points. It is a smart system that allows for effective communication and tracking between our management, clients, supervisors and cleaners.

Cleaners have access to detailed information regarding the scope of the job including any changes or additional tasks requested. They can communicate to our managers about any problems that may arise during the job, allowing us to address issues right away.

This technology also helps us track our cleaners, allowing us to manage punctuality and accountability, making sure they continually cover all areas around the property.

SD Janitor brings the best solutions to our customers by investing in ways that allow us to tailor our services to our clients’ needs and ensure that needs are met in a timely manner.

This engaged approach encourages complete satisfaction by connecting everyone and everything involved in the process: the people, the tools, the work, the solutions and the results.