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Moving in can be an exciting and new prospect. One that also requires a lot of your attention, money, and effort. Moving your office to a new location can present itself as an ideal opportunity for a fresh start. It can, in turn, boost the confidence and abilities of you and your workers. It also makes it a lot more enjoyable and gives space for everyone involved to breathe and improve. Although new office space can bring many benefits, it can also be tough to manage initially. It can be wise first to adapt and clean your new working space. In this article, we will discuss 6 reasons to clean your new office before moving in.

Clean your new office

Before we jump directly into specific reasons to clean your new office before moving in, let’s consider what you should expect when first moving in. Some properties on the market are lacking in sanitation. This is especially true due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which left many working spaces unusable and redundant. Since then, it has become evident that more and more offices are adopting the work-from-home method. This, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean your new office before moving in. Here are some of the parts you should focus on:

  • carpets or floors
  • hard surfaces
  • air vents
  • light fixtures

These are the most common areas that are constantly exposed to dust and various dirt and grime. Experts at sdjanitor.com describe that the dust in the workspace is the most common instigator of allergies and that you should regularly clean your office surfaces and air vents.  

Cleaning your office prevents diseases from spreading

Let’s start with the most apparent reason to clean your new office. It is, of course, to stop various diseases from spreading. We suggest you turn this into a routine to maintain the health of your employees. Therefore, it’s not enough just to clean your new office before moving in; you should also clean regularly. Before moving in the first time is the ideal moment for a “big cleanup” as defined by expert movers at Family Affair Moving. It is also the most convenient and straightforward time to do just that. Nobody wants to start their work in a new workspace covered in dirt. It is very unbefitting and unhygienic.

COVID-19 disease sign
One of the reasons to clean your new office before moving in is to sanitize from various diseases, such as COVID-19.

Clean your new office of pests

Another sanitary reason to clean your new office space is to eliminate pests and vermin. It becomes out of utmost importance to get rid of pests as soon as possible. Fleas, mice, cockroaches, and even rats can infest the workspace. Pests represent a threat because they are the primary cause of spreading bacteria, germs, and diseases. Thorough cleaning will keep most of them away. A rat infestation can be a severe health risk and a challenging problem to battle. Since pests are also major disease spreaders, being extremely cautious and thorough with cleaning can help avoid health complications.

Improve safety

When you first enter a future workspace, it becomes clear that you will need to change some parts. It also becomes essential to watch out for the safety of that space. When moving out, many people leave their property unchecked and even broken. Although this is not terrible at first sight, it can become dangerous in the future. Your responsibility is to prepare a safe environment for your workers. Cleaning can also help expose possible workplace hazards that you would otherwise overlook. It is also less money and time-consuming to approach repairs at that stage in opposition to doing that after you have moved in.

Two engineers talking about safety
Cleaning before moving into a new office can improve safety.

Clean your new office to reduce stress

One of the more subtle influences of keeping your office clean is its effect on the people working there. A disorganized and dirty workplace causes our minds to go into an uncomfortable mental state. Working in a cluttered and dirty environment largely affects our capability to think straight and work. Keeping a workplace clean and healthy gives you a mental boost and reduces stress and fatigue. Even though you may be unaware of it, disorganization and a dirty workplace add to the stress “counter.” It may not seem as bad initially, but it adds and piles up quickly, and 95% of people feel exhaustion and fatigue because of it. You can start your workday motivated and ready to work with a clean new office.

Moving into a new office

Moving to a new office can be challenging and stressful, requiring a lot of work, time management, and resources. But it is also an excellent opportunity to have a fresh start and boost the morale of your employees. Since commercial moving can be challenging, we suggest you hire movers and get help from a skilled team. These experts will help you with anything moving-related. Also, they will do all the heavy lifting for you, and you will have more time to dedicate to other work problems. On top of that, you will spend less money, and ultimately your employees won’t waste more time on moving issues, making them efficient.

Increase the aesthetics

We have been talking about how a clean workplace affects you and your employees. But in truth, it also has a positive effect on everybody that sees it. Not only does it keep the workers’ spirits up, but it also has an aesthetic influence. Your office space will inevitably become the primary image of you and your company. Your clients also won’t appreciate walking into a dusty and dirty workspace. It can significantly reflect on your whole company image.

Keep the allergies out

Many people suffer from various types of allergies, and an allergy to dust is widespread. This may become more evident in the workspace full of dust on hard surfaces and especially from vent shafts. Cleaning them out before moving into the new office becomes a must. This will keep employees healthy and ready for work in a workplace they will enjoy

Person suffering from dust allergies.
Keeping the workspace allergen-free can improve your employee’s health.

These are 6 essential reasons to clean your new office before moving in. This list is not definitive, as you will find even more benefits along the way. It is an excellent overview to help get a great fresh start when moving into a new office.

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