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If you are already dealing with the other expenses associated with a move, it is natural to hesitate to hire professional cleaners. After all, cleaning is a part of their everyday life for most people. So it would be natural to assume they’d be pretty good at it. However, there are still very compelling reasons you should hire a cleaning service before moving into your new home! And we will share them all with you.

It will help you de-stress

Moving is stressful, that should more or less be an agreed-upon fact. By the time it is all over, you will likely be feeling miserable. So, one of the reasons you should hire a cleaning service before moving into your new home is because doing so can make you happier! It will allow you to skip the tedium of cleaning and let you catch your breath. You will be able to ignore your duties for a bit and spend time with your family exploring your new neighborhood. Or maybe finally take a nap instead of immediately jumping into the thick of things and trying to clean a home entirely unfamiliar to you.

You will have more time for important tasks

If you plan to move from Florida to California and hire interstate movers, you do so to ensure an easy process when moving from Florida. In other words, you do it to make your life easier. And yet, a lot of people ignore how much easier their lives could be if they hired cleaners for their new home, even though it is a natural extension of the previous mode of thinking. Your move will not count as complete until you’ve taken care of everything related to it. You still haven’t officially registered your new address and changed your documents. You haven’t had your post redirected. Handled the utilities and subscriptions. Maybe even contacted a new school for your kids. So, why waste time on cleaning when you can better use it elsewhere? Professional cleaners would free your time so you can tackle these often urgent tasks at your leisure.

You will be able to ensure the house is safe for your family

With the pandemic still very much a part of our lives, you can’t be sure that the previous owners or tenants of your new home were entirely healthy. This would typically mean that, before using your new home and particularly any furniture or items that came with it, you would need to have everything disinfected. And this is a task that can take hours of careful scrubbing and spraying your home with chemicals. It is unpleasant. It takes forever. And by the end of it all, you’d still be rushing off to do other things.

On the other hand, professional cleaners offer COVID-19 disinfection services. They can do the same job faster and better. Which would not only unburden you but add an extra layer of protection to your family.

Cleaning chemicals
Certain disinfectants and cleaning solutions can be dangerous if not handled right.

Cleaning can be very physically intensive after a move

Many people perceive only the preparation for a move as physically intensive. They see the time after as relaxing and leisurely. At least until it actually comes around. The experts from City Movers warn that the post-move period is just as intense. If not more so! You need to unpack. Move your furniture pieces into the places you prefer them to be. Rush all over the city, completing various tasks. Should you, then, pile cleaning on top of everything else as well? You might not think of cleaning as something very hard. But that’s because it is a normal part of our everyday lives! We typically do it piecemeal. A little bit every day. Think about summer deep cleaning. Is that easy? Scrubbing every inch of your home? And now imagine what it’s like to be forced to do it right after going through a move.

A vacuum and sneakers on the floor
Jobs quickly add up if you are cleaning the whole house.

The home will be completely free of allergens and irritants

Another one of the reasons you should hire a cleaning service before moving into your new home is to ensure there is nothing that would trigger your allergies there. Overlooked dust can cause sneezing fits. Certain smells or irritants can make you miserable for weeks before you locate their source and remove them. And it can take even longer to do that in a completely foreign environment. This is particularly the case in corporate housing, which often sees frequent turnover. This is why corporate housing cleaning services are always a good idea. So, why put yourself through the suffering when professional cleaning can ensure you arrive at a spotless home?

A used duster
Dusting and similar jobs are unpleasant for people with allergies, too!

Professionals will always do the job better

You can read a thousand guides on how to deep-clean your new house before moving in. And, if you do not mind suffering through the previous points we have mentioned, you can do it yourself! It would be cheaper, after all. And that might be something you value after the expenses of a move. However, can you be truly confident you have done the best of jobs? Did you really reach every spot? Scrub away every annoying stain left behind by previous owners? Probably not. Which means groaning and tackling the new problem every time it crops up. At first, it will likely feel like an endless whack-a-mole game with your own house. So, the final of our reasons you should hire a cleaning service before moving into your new home is simple. Professionals will always do a better job in their field than you can!

Final advice

Having read our list of reasons you should hire a cleaning service before moving into your new home, you should have a good idea of whether you want to hire them or not. Of course, we advise you to take your own situation into account. If your home is small, or if it would stretch your budget, then you can probably go without it. But if you can afford it and have moved to a bigger home, it is always a good idea!

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