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Whether you’re obsessed with hygiene or you’re acting pretty casual by cleaning your place every now and then, there are mysterious spots in your apartment that rarely see your fabulous broom, vacuum cleaner, or linen cloth. If you fit into the hygiene-obsessed type, we’ll take a wild guess and say the mentioned info made your heart race. Now you’re hooked! Of course, we’ll try to use the situation in the best manner possible by providing you with some cool cleaning tips. By this, we mean we’ll tell you where to check for piled-up dirt or dust. Awful sounding words, right? Okay, dust can pass the test, but dirt. Anyway, stick around for a presentation on surprising places you forget to clean, even if you’re the casual I-clean-once-in-four-months type!

Sweep under the rug!

Remember the saying Don’t sweep it under the rug? Well, it got stuck in people’s heads, and they’re taking it way too seriously. That’s probably why some of them forget to clean under their rugs. Imagine you have guests coming over and see tiny bread crumbles on the floor. You want to impress your new friends, and it would be kind of silly to get on all fours and pick the crumbs with your hands. Instead, you lift the rug with your foot and kick all the crumbs underneath it. Naturally, over the course of the evening, you forget that ever happened. There are a couple of more situations where folks can kick something under the rug and leave like that. It doesn’t have to be a must on your cleaning checklist, but it would be nice to sweep underneath the rug once in a while! Of course, cleaning the carpet itself should be carefully done.

Several rugs put together. One of the surprising places you forget to clean is the area under the rug.
People take the “Don’t sweep (it) under the rug!” saying way too seriously! That’s why some of them forget to clean the area underneath the rug.

The area under the refrigerator

Sounds gross, doesn’t it? Either way – it doesn’t matter. It still needs to be cleaned. If you can’t do it, ask someone to move the refrigerator so you can clean the area underneath it. It’s a place where dust can easily create a colony. Folks allergic to dust should pay close attention to this area and clean it thoroughly! Also, check the areas underneath sofas and beds. You’ll find a lot of interesting things there. You might even find something you lost long ago!

If you have just moved into a new home, you can choose to trust that the previous owner cleaned everything thoroughly. However, it would be best to go over everything and pay special attention to frequently neglected areas in your home to make it sparkle. After all, you can never be too sure that someone has done their job well until you go over it or the cleaners you trust.

The shower curtain!

Maybe there’s no need for that exclamation mark. Shower curtains aren’t that exciting. Or are they? Anyway, let’s say you’ve moved into your new home. The first place you’ll give a special cleaning treatment is, of course, the bathroom. Even the famous casual cleaner from the introduction will surely want to make it spick and span! Will they pay attention to the shower curtain? There’s a fair chance that they won’t. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

A bathroom with a shower curtain in the back
Folks doing their first cleaning session in their new home will certainly pay close attention to the bathroom. Don’t forget to clean the shower curtain!

Door frames are serious  dust collectors

Out of all weird hobbies out there, door frames choose to collect dust. Even though it’s a bit tough on one’s conscience to erase their collection, you should nevertheless do it. People seem to have a soft spot for door frames, and they leave them to their hobby without thinking about the consequences. Once the rare dust collection gets out of hand, you’ll notice it’s time to end all the fun. We almost forgot to mention you should check the window frames, too. If you’ve refurbished your home recently, make sure you include these places in your post-renovation cleanup.

The remote control!

Oh, here we go again with the examination mark. This time we think it’s necessary. How many times a month do you clean the remote control? The odds are about zero to none, correct? It might seem clean, but it’s like a toilet seat just for sweaty hands. Nevermind that. In short: thoroughly clean the dirtiest item in your living room.

The remote control on the chair.
Even though it does its best to act like everything’s alright, you’re looking at the dirtiest item in your living room.

Door handles, of course

While on the subject of dirty hands… Make sure you disinfect the door handles once a week. Imagine how many times a day your housemates touch the door handles. Your front door might be in the worst position. Not to mention the bathroom door handle. Yikes! Also, you should take all measures to lower the chance of getting the covid19 virus. Is this the first time in the text we’ve mentioned it?

Wash throw pillows

Some of us forget they even exist; it’s no wonder why folks sometimes neglect these. God knows how much dead skin they’ve accumulated over the time you haven’t washed them. It might be best not to imagine. Anyway, it’s time to even the score. Your throw pillows deserve a bath.

Your library

One of the surprising places you forget to clean is your library. If you own one, that is. Besides door and window frames, books are also known as dust aficionados. Use a duster and go through the open space between the books and the bottom of the above shelf. You’re bound to find a dusty treasure! If you find all this cleaning talk overwhelming, you can always hire professionals to handle the task instead of doing it yourself.

A quick walkthrough

Hopefully, now you know some sweet spots in your home, known to gather dirt and dust in serious quantities. There are many surprising places you forget to clean, and we’re sorry if we have unintentionally missed mentioning some of them. Anyway, we’re sure you’ll have a cleaner home after paying attention to things we did mention. Let’s do a quick resume. Even though there’s a popular saying about sweeping under the rug, you should clean that area. Also, the area under the refrigerator is something you’ll need to pay attention to. Make sure you clean the shower curtain, door frames. Window frames, too. Don’t forget that everyone, all the time, touches the remote control! Door handles and your bookshelves shouldn’t be avoided. Last but not least, when’s the last time your throw pillows enjoyed a bath?

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