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Technology is changing the cleaning industry in a multitude of ways, and one of them is customer’s expectation and how their orders, requests and jobs are handle. Managers, directors and business owners today require cleaning services to be seamless from the order process on to how the service is provided and delivered. A professional cleaning business simply has to deliver this kind of solution, or risk getting left behind. We here at SD Janitor are pioneers on such solutions.

People are less keen on making phone conversations for ordering, checking and follow-up on orders. The same goes when they want to see the inspection of the service provided. Our clients see results and the proof is delivered to their inbox.

More than 80% of commercial clients prefer to message or email to obtain customer-servicing reports. You should have a platform in place to attend you demand in a way you can communicate with your customers in the way it’s best for them. And most practical for everyone involved on the process too, your employees included.

Don’t forget that most people would search for your service on their phones, so it’s imperative to have a mobile-first optimized website that they can easily access and reports that are delivered direct to their inbox so they can have all on their hands as well.

SD Janitor Inc. has a modern software platform with GPS and time tracking capability, where all our job orders are placed, dispatched and then inspection of the work performed and report delivered. When we done with the job, the client (or a group of people) will get their tailored reported on their inbox. Those reports and workflows are custom created to each client individually. All actions and photos are GPS and Time-Tracked.

According to studies, janitorial, commercial and cleaning companies lose up to 35% of their customer base because of an unsatisfactory level of seamless and effective communication and the ability of providing tailored solutions. SD Janitor Inc. invested in technology to better serve our customers and guarantee their satisfaction above our stellar work.

Ensuring your services are up to par is essential for keeping clients happy with your company and services. The most effective way to achieve that is to invest in technology, training and processes that are seamless in the eyes of your clientele.

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