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When it comes to being productive and creative in your business, the environment you are working in plays a significant role. Studies have shown a link between our mood and our surroundings. Messy rooms make your brain scattered and all over the place, whereas clean, tidy rooms boost productivity and make us more focused. That’s why it is so important that our offices are clean and organized. Unfortunately, that is usually easier said than done, especially if you have a lot of employees. However, with New Year approaching quickly, it’s the right time to commit to making changes in 2023. We decided to help you with that and suggest some cleaning resolutions for your business. With these tips, you will keep your working space clean and get maximum productivity and focus from your employees.

A couple of cleaning resolutions for your business

  • Get the employees on board
  • Always have cleaning supplies nearby
  • Rent business storage
  • Make a list of simple rules
  • Don’t let things pile up
  • Deep clean every few months
People sitting around the table and shaking hands
First, you need to make sure all the employees are on board with these new resolutions.

Make sure everyone is on board

Clearing a place of work is not just a one-person effort, as that would be impossible. If you want to keep it clean, you need to get everyone there on board. Mainly because most of the mess comes from the people who work there, and they are the ones who can make cleaning it a lot easier. You need to have a meeting with everyone and ask them to stick to the following:

  • Clean up after yourself
  • Put things back in their place
  • Minimize clutter on your desk/working station

These few simple steps will make a massive difference for the cleaning person. Take the office kitchen, for example. If you go to make yourself coffee during lunchtime and you spill a little, don’t just leave it there and wait for the cleaning person to take care of it. It takes minimal effort to clean it yourself, and it can make a difference.

Various cleaning supplies
One of the top cleaning resolutions for your business is always having cleaning supplies nearby.

Have cleaning supplies nearby

Even though you have a cleaner hired to clean the office occasionally, that doesn’t mean you should avoid cleaning thoroughly. Accidents happen even in the most boring offices. Drinks can get spilled, floors get stained, etc. That’s why an emergency stash of basic cleaning supplies is a must. If a minor accident happens, you can take care of it on the spot and stop dirt from piling on and getting worse until the cleaner arrives. This is one of the cleaning resolutions for your business that can be helpful. And chances are your employees will appreciate it too. Most employees like having their working area clean and don’t mind doing a bit of cleaning themselves to keep it nice and tidy.

Consider renting storage

Most businesses have an off-season. It’s that time when they work less than usual and don’t use the full capacity of their tools and equipment. So, during that time, a lot of that equipment, tools, and supplies just cluttered the space in the office and made keeping everything clean and tidy a lot harder. In this situation, renting a storage unit is the best choice for your business. But not just regular commercial storage; you need business storage. Good organization is key in these situations because you can’t just choose the first storage company you see. First, learn about the qualities to look for when renting business storage. Things like high-security levels, size, and accessibility are a must when picking business storage. This way, you can keep the items you don’t need somewhere safe, and your office will be easier to clean.

Make a list of rules

Having rules of conduct in the workplace printed and hung somewhere visible in the office can be very helpful. Because after working somewhere for a long time, employees start to forget that it is their workplace and not their living room. It should be simple rules, like “ NO EATING AT THE WORK DESK” or “Clean your feet on the doormat before you come in.” It’s a small detail, but it can be very useful at times.

Don’t let things pile up

Letting things pile up is one of the top causes of messy workplaces. This is especially true for offices that deal with a lot of paperwork on a daily basis. Often employees don’t throw away documents and paperwork that is of no use to them anymore and just leave them to take up space in the cabinets and on the shelves. A new cleaning resolution for your business is to ask your employees to immediately shred and throw away paperwork that has no significance anymore. This way, you will reduce the amount of junk in your office and make it easier for it to be properly cleaned.

A person in blue gloves wiping a surface
Deep cleaning is essential when it comes to fighting germs in the workplace

Deep cleaning is a must

While having a regular cleaner who comes in to clean your workplace every day after work is very useful, that is only surface cleaning. Every business should hire cleaning professionals who will deep clean their space at least every few months. Deep cleaning is not just regular dusting, wiping, and mopping the floors; it also disinfects the room and stops the spread of germs. And if the pandemic taught us anything, it is that you can never disinfect enough. Spaces where a lot of people spend at least 8 hours together every day really need to be deep cleaned properly in order to be hygienic.

In conclusion

Having a clean workplace should not be a privilege but a norm. And these simple cleaning resolutions for your business can help with that. It’s just important that everyone is on board with these new resolutions and actively helps in achieving your goal. It may seem daunting in the beginning, but soon everyone will get used to this new cleaning schedule. And once you see the results, you will be very happy that you gave this a go.

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