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Ah, the good old furniture indentations… We’ve all had a fair share of this problem. It goes something like this: you rearrange the furniture positioning in your apartment only to discover the sofa has left a little message on the carpet. You take a closer look at it. It says: I was here. The sofa stays silent and waits for your reaction while keeping it cool, as if it were to say: What are you going to do now, huh? Instead of holding a tiresome lecture in front of the sofa, there’s a couple of things you can do. In the article below, we’ll show you ways to get furniture indentations out of carpet. Most of them are pretty cheap and can be done with regular household items. Show that sofa who’s the boss!

The risky method

What’s so risky about it? Well, you’ll have to use your iron and try not to burn a portion of your carpet. You’re going to need: a piece of white cloth, an iron, a coin, and some water. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Anyway, lay the cloth in water and take it out. Afterward, wring out the excess – it doesn’t need to be extremely wet. Put the fabric over the indentation, then set up the iron on medium heat and hold it a couple of inches over the cloth for approximately a minute. Don’t go beyond that point. Now use the coin to gently brush the fibers into their normal position.

Rugs stacked one on top of each other
If you’re trying the risky method mentioned above, be careful not to burn your carpet.

Ice ice baby

What are the chances you’re singing this early 90s tune right now (after taking a look at the title)? It’s good to have some music in the background while you do some housework. Anyway, you guessed it: we’ll use ice for this one. Besides ice cubes, you’ll need a sponge and a coin. Coins again? Yep, that’s right. Break that old piggy bank. So, you’ll need to take a couple of ice cubes (depending on the indentation size) and place them on the damaged area. Once they melt, your carpet will soak up the water and start to resurrect. Take care of the extra water with your sponge. Finally, use the coin to gently lift the fibers. This option is probably the most popular one because it’s very easy and very effective.

A quick digression: How to move your furniture the easiest way imaginable?

So, what can you do to easily move bulky pieces of furniture, the ones most responsible for leaving marks on your carpet? The best way, of course, is to try and disassemble them into pieces. Remember that sofa from the beginning? Find your dusty toolbox and take it apart. If you’re scared of doing it yourself (or somehow don’t have the proper tools), it’s always best to contact professionals or some of your friends with a knack for housework. We all have that one friend that doesn’t change his housework clothes at any cost, always in the middle of some renovation process or the post-renovation cleanup. Whether it’s a new kitchen counter or some bathroom decorations, there’s always some work to be done.

A blue sofa in the corner of the room
Before moving any of your furniture, dismantle it first. That way, you’ll make the job a lot easier. By the way, there’s the famous sofa we’ve been mentioning.

Vacuum cleaner to the rescue

One of the ways to get furniture indentations out of carpet involves using a vacuum cleaner. You might’ve thought about this solution yourself before you even thought about consulting the web. This one’s the least invasive solution for carpet indentations. There are no coins involved, just to mention. If your carpet fibers are not that stubborn in their stance, this might be the quickest option to get them back in shape. Where to start? Use your fingers to gently loosen up the fibers. Apply the vacuum hose to the indented area and see what happens. It might just do the trick.

Use a hairdryer

For this one, you’ll need a hairdryer and a spray bottle filled with water. Firstly, spray the water on the indented area to get it moist. Afterward, choose the hottest setting and dry out the indentation. As was the case with the iron, you’ll want to avoid burning your carpet. That being said, keep it between 4 and 6 inches above. That way, you won’t make more trouble than you already have on your hands. While you’re drying the indented area, use your fingers to (gently, as always) fluff up the fibers.

A hairdryer
Sometimes, a regular hairdryer can do the trick. As always, don’t keep it too close to the indented area. Your goal is to avoid burning it.

If none of these solutions work out, then…

If none of these solutions work out, then you can consider calling professional carpet cleaners to help you out. Scan your local area for quality service providers and check if they can help you with the issue. Ask your friends or relatives for references. Some of the solutions we’ve mentioned above will probably take care of the problem, but it’s good to have an alternative.

That’s about it

That’s all, folks. These were some of the ways to get furniture indentations out of carpet. Let’s do a quick resume. Before contacting professional cleaning service providers, there’s a couple of things you can try yourself. Firstly, you can try the risky method. Use an iron and a piece of white cloth. Avoid burning your carpet. There’s also the ice cube solution, probably the most popular one. Just place the ice cubes on the indented area and wait for them to melt. Pick up the extra water with a sponge and use a coin to pull the fibers back in shape. Also, you can use household items such as vacuum cleaners or hairdryers to resolve the issue. Basically, all of the mentioned solutions involve using only the stuff you can find in your home.

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