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One of the best ways to reduce stress in the office space is to make it pet-friendly. If people can bring their best furry friends, it will improve their days. That will create a positive environment and alleviate stress, improving efficiency and productivity. If you decide to make this happen, it is crucial to consider the best ways to keep your pet-friendly office space clean. The animal smell is not the most pleasant, and there could be “things” lying around the floor if you do not have a system in place.

Purchase equipment for collecting animal hair

The most common issue you might have is dealing with the increasing amount of pet hair. The best solution is to purchase those sticky rollers that quickly collect hair from any surface. They are cheap, and you can have one at every desk.

: A cat sitting on a laptop bag.
“How do you mean your laptop bag? That is my resting area.”

Designate a place for feeding and toilet needs

Avoid feeding the pets everywhere. Employees will be unable to focus on their work if the pets constantly ask for more food. On top of that, there will be crumbs and food stains everywhere.

It is best to apply a proactive approach and designate an area for feeding.

Furthermore, consider that some pets require to go out when nature calls. While a cat can use a litter box, a dog might become loud and ask for a walk.

Clean “mistakes” as soon as they happen

No matter how well you organize your pet-friendly office, sometimes “mistakes” happen. At that moment, it is important to immediately clean it up. The idea is to avoid irremovable stains and reduce the unpleasant odor quickly.

It is also an excellent suggestion to partner with a commercial cleaning company. While employees can clean up after their pets quickly, it is still necessary that someone thoroughly cleans up the place.

Stock up on air fresheners

That is another small investment but a very useful one. Getting the animal smell out of the carpet is tricky, especially if it happens every day. While immediate clean-up is necessary, an air freshener will take care of the unpleasant odor. Furthermore, make sure to regularly aerate the office by opening windows for ten to fifteen minutes.

Clean pet toys

Pets like to chew their toys all day long. While in a home scenario, you can leave their toys on the ground. Office space is slightly different. Other people might want to move your pets’ toys, so it is best to clean them when you have time. Also, designate a place to keep the toys so the office remains organized.

A dog with glasses sitting in front of a laptop.
“I don’t think your monthly projections are correct. I could do this better.”

Declutter the office to make more space

Pets also require enough living space. An office with chairs, desks, and cabinets is already too crowded for a dog who suddenly decides to run. That is why you should declutter the office space.

This step has more benefits than just making more room for the pets:

  • having more space in the office makes it a more convenient place for work;
  • spacious rooms will positively affect employees, affecting their energy levels;
  • it is easier to work in an organized office than a cluttered one;

If you are unsure what to do with some equipment, Divine Moving and Storage suggests you rent a temporary storage unit. That is a good solution until you figure out what to do with the items in question.

Define what rooms are not accessible for pets

Even though pet-friendly office space is attractive to most employees, some do not like pets around them. We need to consider that as well. You should clearly define where pets can and cannot go.

For example, a kitchen should always be for people only. Pets may jump on the table, smell food, or even try some if they are lucky enough. It is best to avoid that for sanitary standards and to avoid making other people angry.

A cat sleeping on a computer keyboard.
“Let me warm up this keyboard for you before you start typing.”

Set standards regarding bringing pets to the office

Another essential step to keep your pet-friendly office space clean and organized is clearly defining the rules for bringing pets to the office. For example, some dogs might be violent or excessively loud compared to others. Some cats will often scratch a person. That can cause serious injuries, so ensure that employees who bring pets to the office understand that.

Also, employees should bathe their pets before bringing them to the office. That will keep the place clean and also smell fresh.

If some breeds of pets are not allowed in the office, you should also state that in the rules(or you might have a python pet slithering down the office halls, freaking people out).

Furthermore, all pet owners should be accountable for their pets’ actions, as well as their well-being and biological needs. Every employee should sign a form before bringing their pets to the office.

Protect employees from allergies

Pet-induced allergies can be a severe health hazard. Make sure to ask your employees if they are allergic to some pets. If the answer is yes, you must ensure their health is not jeopardized by bringing pets to the office.

Also, ensure you have all you need in case of an allergy attack. That includes some basic medication for allergies and access to a doctor in the office.

Keep your pet-friendly office space clean by following these simple rules

Most people love pets, and they genuinely improve our lives. Creating a pet-friendly environment is a step forward toward a better office atmosphere. Still, you must keep your pet-friendly office space clean to make it enjoyable for everyone. With that in mind, come up with a clear set of guidelines for bringing pets to the office. All employees should contribute to the cleaning process by caring for their pets. If everyone works together, you can all enjoy the closeness of your furry friends!

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