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All the construction contractors have moved out, and it’s time to clean. Dust, dirt, chunks of drywall, dirty window seals mount… a mess everywhere! Don’t panic.

What can help you take down this task in a safe, professional and efficient way? A professional post-construction and post-remodeling cleaning company. We are going to talk today about post-construction cleaning services to help make (and finish) your project with the success and satisfaction you deserve!

Post construction cleanings are different from other types of cleaning in many ways. One of the biggest differences is that they can have hazards materials, normally not found at a typical cleaning site. So, let’s first dig into the details of a phased approach. When it comes to phased approach cleaning – what does this really mean? A phased approach is a method of cleaning that takes larger tasks and breaks them down into smaller manageable chunks. SD Janitor Inc. always apply a three-stage cleaning process to ensure a thorough and complete job: Extensive, detailed cleaning and final/touch-up cleaning.

Construction sites cleaning, during or after the work, is a rather tricky process that should only be handled by professionals to ensure safety. The removal of different kinds of construction waste, from scattered nails and screws to piles of tiles and timber to other types of trash, as well as dust and dirt on every surface, requires the expertise that can only be provided by experienced cleaning services providers.

Post-construction cleaning is necessary before moving into your home or business premises because you can’t stay or operate in a place filled with dirt, dust, trash, and construction waste. Hiring construction cleaning services to help make the space and surroundings clean helps you to save on your time, effort, and energy that will be better used in unpacking and arranging your things in the clean space. Let SD Janitor handle the dirty work!

Here are some important topics to consider and why hire a professional post-construction and post-remodeling cleaning services company is the best decision:


As we mentioned earlier, newly established construction or renovation sites typically contain potential hazards in the area. While you may be cautious when stepping foot in a construction area, professional cleaners have the right footwear, helmets, and other safety gear to adequately protect themselves from different risks while working fast. You need to protect yourself from sharp nails, blunt edges, slips and falls, and other potential hazards at the site. Professional construction site cleaning services have the right tools, supplies, and equipment for the safe removal of waste and trash from any construction site.

Keep in mind that newly finished sites tend to have a vast amount of dust left behind, which can lead to respiratory complications if not handled properly. Moreover, the harsh chemicals used to clean the floor surfaces, carpets, tiles, and other surfaces may also cause health concerns if proper precautions are not taken when cleaning. It’s best to let the cleaning professionals who have adequate training and experience handle the cleaning exercise.

Time savings

Whether the construction work was residential, commercial, or industrial, you get the most value by moving into the space as soon as possible after the completion of the project. Construction in your home or workplace can interrupt normal operations, and you should try to minimize any more disruptions as much as possible. Working with experts allows the cleaning process to move quickly so your family or employees can resume normal operations smoothly and fast.

Construction site cleaning, during or after the work, is a rather tricky process that should only be handled by professionals to ensure safety. The removal of different kinds of construction waste, from scattered nails and screws to piles of tiles and timber to cigarette butts and other types of trash, as well as dust and dirt on every surface, requires the expertise that can only be provided by experienced cleaning service providers.

You enjoy the same benefits by hiring professional cleaners to clean up an industrial space after construction, so you and your staff have more time to deal with your core business operations, like planning the layout and fitting equipment. You don’t want to get tired simply clearing the clutter after remodeling work. Instead, it would better if you arrived at a clean site or home that is exciting to fully appreciate the construction work and energize your mind for productivity. Again, let SD Janitor handle the dirty work for you, just enjoy the final result.


It may appear as a counterintuitive measure to hire an additional contractor when you’re already working with a tight construction or renovation budget. However, the combination of thoroughness and efficiency that comes with professional cleaning services is worth the extra cost. In addition, the cost of a construction site clean-up is only a small fraction of the total cost of the construction project. Yet the cleaning professionals are able to work with great speed. You will save yourself a lot of money needed to buy the cleaning materials, gear, supplies, and equipment, and transport the materials and waste, as well as the hassle of looking for creative ideas to reach every nook and cranny, finding the right cleaning materials, and searching for waste disposal sites. Really consider this: you will inevitably save a lot more money and time by hiring professional cleaners!  

Hidden mess

Considering that you’ve no training at cleaning and have no expertise in removing clutter from construction sites, you probably won’t know where to look for messes or even how to remove them once you find them. It’s easy to remove dust and dirt in obvious places where it’s visible. But you may end up leaving many areas uncleaned if you forget to look at the various hidden locations.

Professional construction site cleaners have the experience and the necessary tools, supplies, and materials to clean every surface, to remove any stains that may have formed, leaving the site spotless. With professionals, no corners are overlooked.

Proper waste disposal

Construction sites typically have many different kinds of waste that may be difficult to dispose of without the necessary knowledge or proper waste disposal methods. Cleaning professionals, on the other hand, know exactly how to get rid of the different kinds of waste, whether to be sent for recycling or to a landfill, ensuring that the waste is properly disposed of according to your local regulations.

No damage to the finished surfaces

You need to be careful when cleaning construction sites to ensure that the nails, screws, and waste materials don’t scratch the surfaces, or the cleaning products get on the furniture. Through experience, professional cleaners know how to remove dust, dirt, debris, and other waste using the right cleaning products and materials correctly, with virtually no risk of damaging the floors and other surfaces through common cleaning mistakes.

Final Touches

Whether it’s a new construction or renovation project, the objective is to have the final result looking its best. Cleaning up after any construction work is necessary to not only remove dirt, debris, and waste but also give the space the finishing touch it needs. With professional construction cleaning services, you can enjoy the benefits mentioned above, as well as saving yourself time, money, and energy while maximizing safety.

If you’re planning a commercial or residential construction project in San Diego, call the experts at SD Janitor Inc. for comprehensive post-construction and post-remodeling professional cleaning services.

We’ll come in once the construction is complete and make sure all the dust, debris and construction leftovers are cleaned up so you can safely enjoy your new addition or project. SD Janitor provides, manages and is specialized in post-construction and post-remodel cleaning solutions.

We are experienced professionals with the right equipment, products and knowledge to perform post-construction clean-ups. We take complete ownership of the job and clean everything floor-to-ceiling, paying attention to the finest details.

Any amount of construction or remodeling can leave layers of dust and debris behind. Professional cleaning post-construction is essential, making sure fine dust and dirt is removed from hidden in cracks and crevices, leaving things looking brand new!

Our team has worked with large and high-end contractors, retail managers and property managers on both residential and commercial post-construction/remodeling cleaning solutions. We can provide you with a comprehensive proposal for clean up at any phase construction.

Additionally, we specialize in providing new and post-construction window cleaning services for local contractors, developers and builders. Our crew is experienced in removing all kinds of debris, caulk, glue, silicone, or paint from glass surfaces, cleaning frames and tracks. We also offer metal window frame restoration services.

Contact the SD Janitor office crew at 866.495.65.79 or visit us online at sdjanitor.com and learn more about our wide range of cleaning services.

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