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As the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis continues a lot of our clients reached out to us with questions of what measures we are taking and what products we are using to protect them and disinfect their space.

Now more than ever the importance of sanitization, disinfecting and professional knowledge is highlighted and it’s on everyone’s radar – it has become an international crisis, after all, and we all want our community to be safe.

Way before coronavirus, SD Janitor already practice heavy sanitization procedures for our clients. Keeping our clients healthy is one of our promises that we take to the heart.

We did however intensify these cleaning procedures. We are doing two layers of cleaning for each area and surface we clean and spending enough time applying the product to guarantee maximum effectiveness. Our total attention and focus turned to the highly touched areas. SD Janitor is working very hard during this time to make sure all our clients, employees and partners are safe.

There are 3 main products we are applying accordingly right now with ALL of our cleanings:

Germicidal Cleaner (medical grade)

Sterilization & Disinfecting Solution

Peroxide Multi Surface and Disinfectant

We have vast experience helping business keeping the workspace clean and disinfected.

If you have questions on how to keep your workspace and business clean, special during this time, give us a call. We are with you and we are ready to assist.

The SD Janitor Team wishes you, your loved ones, your team and our community good health in the months to come.

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