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Protocols to disinfecting your facility for re-opening and during all phases of the pandemic.

Safety first

As businesses around the country start to reopen, you’ve probably wondered about how to do it safely. We got you covered.

A big question that we’ve been getting is, “What is the best disinfecting protocol for my business to follow?”

The answer: Sani-Fogger 360 electrostatic and ULV disinfecting fogger. This is the most effective way to disinfect any space. The combination of the right disinfecting chemical, technology delivery of the decontaminating agent and the reach capacity of the Sani-Fogger 360 will ensure the most efficient and wide-ranging epidemic prevention and control for any commercial and business space.

This video here will help you see and understand more about the process. This is a type of disinfecting protocol that should be part of the best practices for maintaining employees and customers health and safety in any workplace or commercial space.

Pandemic preparedness

Even as we start to reopen the economy, the fears of COVID surges in our communities continue to loom. Businesses need to be prepared for the crests and troughs of a post-COVID world where pandemics concern can happen often going forward and your business needs to be prepared with the right procedures in place.

The same precautions we take to fight the flu are effective against coronavirus: constant and proper cleaning and disinfection.

Already a few months into this journey, there is a lot we do not know about the novel coronavirus. But we do know that the same precautions we take to reduce the spread of influenza work well against COVID-19.

Proper disinfection procedures, professional consistent cleaning and frequent hand washing are all important practices that work against many diseases, not just coronavirus. Professional sanitation and encouraging hygiene practices makes us all safer in the long run. Consider what applications of our electrostatic disinfection using the Sani-Fogger 360 can do around your workplace, school, housing community, or retail establishment to help prevent the spread of this pandemic.

Be on top of restrooms, break-rooms and shared kitchens – These are prime areas for germs to spread. Our services with the Sani-Fogger 360 can help make sure that restrooms and office kitchens are disinfected top-to-bottom multiple times per week, which is especially important for high traffic areas like that. Give your staff a fresh and disinfected restroom or kitchen with the electrostatic procedure. They deserve this peace of mind.

Our cleaning crews are working harder and more efficiently than ever to keep high-risk areas clean and disinfected for our clients and we want to help as many businesses as possible to stay safe and disinfected as well.

Give us a call or fill out this contact us form to learn more about our disinfection services in San Diego and how we can help you keep your employees and customers safe. Our commercial cleaning services is well-established and endorsed by many San Diego business that trust us to help keep their facilities clean.

To learn more about electrostatic disinfection in San Diego, go to this link: https://sdjanitor.com/covid-19-disinfection-service/

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