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Even though everyone cleans their new home before moving in, a dirty house on sale is undoubtedly a red flag. Messy corners, sticky surfaces, and stains immediately discourage buyers from looking deeper into the property. They eventually give up on the purchase, as the first impression didn’t do so well. In this article, we offer you a deep-cleaning checklist for a staged home that will lead you to a quick and successful sale.

Why home staging and cleaning is important?

When selling a house, staging is the step you shouldn’t miss. As there are many attractive properties for sale in California, sellers need to compete to make their homes as attractive as possible. And staging is one of the best ways to do that. This step is all about highlighting the property’s advantages, pointing out all the reasons why buyers should go for it. Staging includes deep-cleaning but also depersonalizing, decluttering, changing lighting, adding candles and fresh flowers, doing minor repairs, etc. However, something that everybody notices is that a house is sparkly clean and that it smells nice. You can do it on your own or trust experts to prep your home for sale – either way, this task is something you should put on the deep-cleaning checklist for a staged home.

Remove obstacles

To clean the home properly, make sure to remove everything that stands in the way. And by that, we mean decluttering the space as much as possible. Say goodbye to all the things you no longer need or use – go through the closets, shelves, drawers, etc. Locate the places where the most clutter piles up. This can be a side table, kitchen counters, desk, pantry, etc. Remove unnecessary, broken, expired, etc., items and make the space suitable for some serious cleaning.

Start with the first room buyers will see

Your entry is the first thing buyers see, so it needs to make a good impression. Start with cleaning the doors and surrounding hardware – make sure there are no stains or fingerprints. It would be best if you could get a new doormat – maybe one with a welcome sign. Then, if you’re not painting the walls in the hallway, make sure you remove any stains, scuff marks, etc. Make sure the space is tidy by putting away keys, umbrellas, and shoes – they should be out of sight.

The living room should be inviting and cozy

One of the most important rooms in the house is undoubtedly the living room. It’s essential to clean the carpet thoroughly – use a carpet cleaner to remove stains and odors, and then vacuum it thoroughly. Then, clean the dust on any shelves, coffee table, side tables, TV, and the furniture piece it stands on. Surfaces should be clean and fingerprint-free. Freshen up all the pillows and curtains, and make your windows sparkle – especially if the house has plenty of natural light.

Cleaning the kitchen is the essential step

Every deep-cleaning checklist for a staged home shouldn’t go without cleaning the kitchen. It’s the place where every family gathers to make and eat meals, so it needs to be squeaky clean. Start by wiping down the counters and cabinets. These collect stains and fingerprints, especially if they’re made of smooth and shiny materials. Next, the most time-consuming task is cleaning the appliances. Make sure to deep clean all the items – both inside and out. Pay special attention to the grill in the stove, inside of your dishwasher, etc. Finally, clean your fridge – inside, outside, but also behind it. Remove any expired food and therefore make your kitchen fresh and good-smelling.

Cleaning the bathroom

Daily maintenance of your bathroom might not be enough when buyers come to inspect your home. Surely, experts can maintain your property, but if you’re on your own, there are steps to take to make your bathroom spotless. Again, the essential step here is decluttering and ensuring that personal hygiene items and clothes are out of sight. Once you do that, be sure to clean the following:

  • Scrub the tiles – the ones on the floor and the walls. Pay special attention to the grout.
  • Water stains tend to be quite persistent, so be sure to remove them from toilets, showers, sinks, etc.  
  • Don’t forget to clean hard-to-reach areas such as behind the toilet or under the sink cabinet.
  • Clean the items on the counter, such as the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.
  • Finally, add some air fresheners, new towels, a new shower curtain, and a candle – as a final touch.

Take care of the floors

A room may be clean, but the effort is not worth it if you forget the floors. California buyers pay special attention to floors, so be sure to deep clean and repair them before you invite buyers to see the house. If you have wooden flooring, make sure to use appropriate solutions that will not damage them. And if the floors have lost their shine, there’s an easy way to recover them. The screening or buffing technique can help with wooden floors that haven’t been waxed in a while. It’s a relatively inexpensive investment that can raise the value of the house.

Disinfect and protect

Selling a home during the pandemic isn’t impossible – the real estate market hasn’t slowed down despite the global changes. However, the sale process should also include the COVID-19 disinfection step to ensure that everyone who visits is protected and safe.

Make the moving process easier

Deep cleaning the home you want to sell and taking care of the selling process is quite overwhelming. That’s why you should make the relocation as simple and easy as possible – especially if it is a long-distance one. Since finding assistance is a good move, take your time to research long-distance moving companies in California with the help of a trustworthy database. This way, you will go through minimum worries and move securely. If you start the planning process the moment you decide to sell your home and relocate, everything will flow a lot smoother as you will have enough time to manage the details.

Ready to sell

After you tick off the tasks from your deep-cleaning checklist for a staged home, you will give your property its shine back. Potential buyers will be able to notice all the qualities your home has and decide to buy much faster.

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