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Learn about mistakes in disinfecting common areas that must be avoided

Disinfecting common areas requires attention to ensure compliance with all the appropriate processes. Disinfection services, whether in warehouses, office spaces, shopping malls, store fronts, commercial condominiums, medical offices and other types of industries or commercial spaces, are essential to ensure the cleanliness of the premises.

Organizations must leave environments clean and well maintained, promoting the health of all those present and increasing the feeling of comfort and well-being of employees, customers and others involved in business routines.

This will bring even more benefits, such as the satisfaction of your team with the workplace, greater motivation and productivity, as well as the positive perception of the brand with customers and other stakeholders.

It is worth mentioning that, in the current times with the coronavirus pandemic, and going forward with new standards put on place that are here to stay for the long-term, the disinfection of any type of environment has become an even more important task, since it is necessary and vital to eliminate healthy-risky microorganisms in the workplace, avoiding the spread of the virus and minimizing the risk of cross contamination.

With proper disinfection efforts, intensified hygiene services and adequate protocols for the use of the right sanitizing product and protective equipment, it is possible to reduce the spread of diseases and ensure greater safety to everyone. In your company, facility, building and most important, in your community.

How disinfection of spaces work:

As we know, the disinfection of common space and environments is essential. Especially because the lack of proper care can damage people’s health and affect the company’s reputation.

But why is this service important and how do you do it correctly?

In short, disinfection is responsible for the elimination of “bad” microorganisms. These right procedures adopted can eliminate up to 99% of viruses and bacteria. In this sense, the cleaning team must be trained and qualified to carry out all processes correctly and effectively.

Among the main procedures, the following are indispensable:  

  • Use of safety equipment in all cleaning services
  • Application of the ideal disinfectant product for each type of situation
  • Compliance with hygiene protocols and regulations
  • Agility with work, especially with medical spaces hygiene, since these types environments have critical needs
  • Efficiency in carrying out the services to keep the space disinfected

It is clear that these activities are not so simple and require professional knowledge, care and attention in their execution. Even with the proper preparation, some mistakes can be made in the process. So, trust a well-established cleaning business, such as SD Janitor Inc.

7 major errors in disinfecting environments

For the environment disinfection services to be successful, it is necessary to identify the failures that may occur in the course of the procedures to overcome them and mitigate them to the maximum. So, let’s see the main mistakes:

1. Using unsuitable products

Nowadays, the offer of cleaning products is wide and has options for different functions. So, it is important to know the characteristics and ways of using each one to make the right choice and use the right product for the right occasion.

After all, a wrong product can be inefficient and still cause damage to floors, furniture, carpets, glass, among other issues. Consequently, causing financial losses and unexpected costs.

Not to mention that, depending on the solution and mixture applied, there may be risks to the health of the employees involved and others.

Another example, very current today, the use of proper, EPA and CDC compliant disinfectant. If the wrong product or the wrong use of such product happens, your cleaning efforts were in vain.  

2. Not using specific equipment

Another error that compromises the disinfection of an environment is not using the specific and correct equipment. For example, the use of professional washers and sweepers makes the process faster and more effective.

On the other hand, if the work is carried out manually or with tools for light cleaning, the team may lose time and have to work harder to obtain the same results.

Another important feature in this scenario is the use of functional carts, which leave all the utensils necessary for the tasks at the reach of professionals.

3. Not disinfecting the equipment regularly

To perform the job in the best possible way, the equipment for disinfecting rooms must always be clean and sanitized properly as well. However, despite this basic concept, many companies still make this mistake and forget to clean utensils and sanitize equipment.

In this case, the equipment can serve as an instrument of contamination, instead of disinfection.

4. Implementing incorrect procedures

As we mentioned earlier, cleaning and disinfecting services have specific operational procedures, such as starting the disinfection process from top to bottom, from the furthest place to the nearest place, waiting the correct time for product efficacy, removing products correctly and so much more. This shows that there is a logical sequence of necessary actions, with pause times for the application of the products, and if necessary, the removal as well.

So, if these steps are not followed correctly, the cleaning team can put the entire job at risk.

5. Having inefficient response time

Usually, the cleaning company service manager establishes a schedule of activities, with an action plan highlighting the frequency of services in each environment, those responsible for each job and how the service should be performed. Especially because the work cannot be started randomly from any location. The cleaning crew needs a plan and a checklist to follow.

So, not having a schedule is already an error, as it defines the basic routine of disinfection processes. Another problem is not being able to meet cleaning requests, that is, not having an agile response time. It is so important to make sure about the team’s service capacity and that your cleaning company is responsive when it comes to emergency requests.

One of SD Janitor’s most known attributes is our fast response time to clients requests and last-minute emergency needs. Our team is, also, always looking for eventual problems, anticipating needs with a proactive approach.

6. Managing working hours conflicts

The disinfection of environments is a fundamental service for the good functioning of any company, but it should not impact the business routine. Activities should be scheduled in a way that does not interfere with employees’ daily lives, avoiding losses to productivity or becoming an inconvenience to clients.  

7. Relying on unqualified professionals

In order to save on disinfection services, some companies end up using unskilled labor. This practice will bring only one result: problems and future losses.

This is because there is a high-risk on services being poorly or incorrectly done, in addition to accidents, possibly property damage and even putting other people in danger.

Why should you hire a company that specializes in cleaning services?

Although it seems easy at first, without a deeper understanding of proper procedures, the disinfection and cleaning of environments needs to follow a series of protocols to be carried out with efficiency and maximum quality. An experienced cleaning company can guarantee all the benefits of having a clean, well-maintained and safe workplace.

In order to avoid the various errors presented on this blog and have the best services on the market, it is necessary to rely on a specialized company, with solidity and knowledge in the industry, such as SD Janitor Inc.

With more than 10 years of clean experience, we work with any type of facilities, doing cleaning, disinfection of environments and other specialized cleaning services, with intelligent cleaning solutions.

We continuously value our cleaning professionals; we are always developing constant training to ensure that they are prepared to carry out cleaning activities with confidence and we are always looking out for new technologies to bring the most current solutions to our clients.

We are focused on helping your business, working with cleaning professionals with technical training, manuals of procedures, inspections and dedicated operational management. In addition, we create customized solutions and cleaning plans to meet your needs.

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