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We all know that offices are some of the dirtiest places you can find, even if you clean them regularly. After all, with tons of people in the same place, germs are bound to get everywhere regardless of cleaning. So, to help you maintain a clean workplace, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 dirtiest places in the office.

1. Elevator buttons

Before entering the office, you need to use the elevator. Considering every employee coming to the office needs to use the elevator, the elevator buttons are covered in germs. It would be necessary to clean the buttons every single day to keep them free from germs. So, keeping the elevator completely clean is a losing battle. However, it would be best to consider getting some help with general maintenance and keeping your office clean. There are ways a commercial cleaning company can help your bottom line, and you should consider this. A clean office makes for a much happier environment than a dirty one.

person in elevator
Elevators are hotspots for germs and bacteria before you even reach the office.

2. Microwave door handles

Even in smaller companies, microwaves are easily some of the dirtiest places in the office. Think about it, in a small company, the employees use the microwave over 30 times daily. The larger the company, the more use the microwave sees. And with that many people constantly touching the microwave door handles, it’s bound to be covered in germs regularly. In addition, microwaves give germs everything they need to thrive. Germs need warmth, moisture, and food to survive, and microwaves provide all three. So, make sure to give the microwave some special attention when it comes to cleaning. Also, if you’ve recently moved into a new office, keep in mind that experts from 24/7 Logistics Services note that you should first give the office a deep clean. It will be much easier to clean the new office space before you have moved in.

3. Keyboard and mouse

So far, we’ve talked about things used often by many employees and, because of that, are pretty dirty. However, among the dirtiest places in the office, we must consider the items that get the most use. Employees use the keyboard and mouse almost the entirety of their shift at the office, and it shows. These items are by far and away the dirtiest thing in every office. Because they’re being used constantly, keeping them clean of germs is nigh impossible. Due to their everyday use, the keyboard and mouse are covered in dead skin cells, dust, and food particles. This makes them a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

keyboard, mouse and coffee cup on desk
Since they’re used for most of the shift, the keyboard and mouse of every employee tend to get very dirty.

4. Vending machine buttons

A lot of people like to get a snack during their lunch break. However, vending machine buttons tend to get very dirty because of this. The situation worsens when you consider that people tend to immediately open and eat whatever they got out of a vending machine. Eating food in the hallway and touching the vending machine with greasy fingers isn’t hygienic. Keeping the vending machines properly cleaned should be a priority for office cleanliness. If you want to ensure this is done correctly and the vending machines are safe, you should consider hiring professional cleaning services to help out.

5. Desktops

As we mentioned, the keyboard and mouse are the dirtiest spots in the workplace, but what about the desks? We all lean our hands against the desk for support while using the keyboard and mouse. The desktops are just as dirty as the keyboard and mouse on them. This is why the desks and whatever’s on them should often be cleaned in every office. They are the most extensive breeding grounds for germs and bacteria; they aren’t something you should ignore. And if you’re planning on moving into a new office soon, remember to clean everything before moving. Also, remember to only trust professionals to safely get your office equipment to the new office. When you bring in new equipment or move your entire office, experts can ensure safety, but amateurs are likely to cause unnecessary damage. This can be especially important when it comes to expensive high-tech equipment, like computers.

person sitting at desk
Much like the keyboard and mouse, every desk in the office is used for most of the shift.

6. Door handles

Everyone coming into the office or out of it needs to touch a door handle. As such, it makes sense that door handles are the most significant factor in spreading germs throughout the office. Because everyone touches them, everyone’s hands get covered in germs. Then, those germs are spread everywhere in the office the person touches. A dirty door handle can, as such, make the rest of the office dirty. You should consider professional commercial janitorial services to ensure this doesn’t happen. The experts will know how to handle the door handles appropriately and ensure no issues arise from this.

7. The photocopier

Another object used almost as often as the computer peripherals in your office is the photocopier. You can count on every employee needing to use it multiple times daily, so it becomes a germ hotspot. What makes it even worse is that all the employees will end up bringing germs to this one spot, making it incredibly dirty after only a short time of use. So, ensure the photocopier is cleaned correctly after every use. This is one of the only ways to make sure it stays clean.

8. Drinking fountain buttons and handles

Everyone needs to drink during the day, and there’s nothing that gets germs going quite like moisture and saliva. Drinking fountains are some of the biggest germ hotspots and must be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, they become a severe health risk.

Top 8 dirtiest places in the office – wrap up

It can be scary thinking about the germ hotspots in the office. After all, they’re used very often by everyone. However, a few precautions should be enough to avoid serious health issues. Of course, professionals will be able to help you keep your office safe as well. We hope this list of the top 8 dirtiest places in the office helps you keep your office clean, and we wish you a good day.

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