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Because of the current technological age, we are living in, there’s a constant necessity to stay plugged in and connected to some electronic device. Therefore, why do so many people neglect cleaning their daily devices? One such reason is that they may forget to do it. However, a more frequent reason is that they must know how to do it correctly. So, if you’re moving into a new office or want to maintain the one you already have, here are some secrets to keeping your office electronics clean.

Reasons why you should focus on keeping your office electronics clean

A spotless office is essential when running a business. Even if you’re working from home, your productivity and overall good mood will flourish when your workplace is clean and healthy.

But what are some main reasons you should focus on keeping your office electronics clean?

  • It prolongs the lifespan of your electronics.
  • It may even prolong the longevity and condition of your office space
  • It helps employees focus on what is essential (their work)
  • Keeps everyone in the office healthier and germ-free
  • Ensures safety from possible mishaps with bad wiring or the overall condition of your electronics

Where to start?

Some sort of preparation is very much needed if you want to keep your office and its electronics clean. The first thing you must focus on is creating a clutter-free environment.

Tackle all the paperwork bound to be in many places in your office. Collect the papers, sort them in whatever way you already utilize, and possibly digitalize the ones you can. Once done, you may need to remove unnecessary furniture so you’ll have an easier time reaching the electronics and parts of your office you want to clean. We recommend storing them in a safe place. However, be careful with delicate pieces when storing IT equipment since you do not want anything to be damaged.

Important things to remember:

  • Always read the manual of whatever electronic device you wish to clean
  • Never spray cleaner or water directly onto your electronic device
  • Always disconnect electronics before cleaning them
An older woman clutching her head out of stress while sitting at an office desk with plenty of paperwork around her.
Plenty of paperwork sprawled all around your office space may create unnecessary tension.

How to clean electronics in your office:

Since you’re reading this article, you understand cleaning electronics is more complex than it may seem. After all, professional office cleaning janitorial services spend much of their time perfecting their craft of properly cleaning office space. However, if you’re doing it independently, we have some tips that’ll leave your office spotless!

Phones and smartphones

Phones and smartphones are easy to clean. Wipe them down with a damp microfiber cloth. Never use paper towels on your electronics since they can be too harsh. Please pay close attention to their screens since they are finger and dust magnets! Once done, use cotton swabs all around those hard-to-reach crevices. To finish, you can use any disinfectant or make one yourself with one part rubbing alcohol and one part water. Spray the surfaces of phones and smartphones carefully and wipe them down to remove germs and grime.

TVs, laptops, and desktop PCs

If your office has a television, it’s likely used for entertainment for your clients or employees and is a source of the most recent news. To clean this piece of electronics, wipe down the screen with a damp cloth and the back with a dry one. You can use a window cleaner for such a task or purchase a designated screen cleaner.

You can use the same cleaner on the monitors of your laptops and desktop PCs. And since almost everything you do is digital now, laptops and desktop PCs are vital in keeping the business going. We suggest cleaning these devices as often as possible since a build-up of dust inside them can slow down their overall performance. Always use a dry cloth to clean them, especially the inside. However, to remove a lot of the dust that accumulates, you may need to use a compressed air spray first.

A man's hand spraying compressed air into a black PC case.
Be careful when using compressed air, so you do not push dirt deeper into your PC.

Components such as mice and keyboards

External components of a PC can be quite a task to clean since they have some hard-to-reach crevices. However, don’t worry. Compressed air can be beneficial for such tasks. Compressed air removes any accumulated, minute pieces of debris that may be preventing keys from working, clogging ports, or generally reducing function. And, since components such as mice and keyboards are always used with possibly dirty hands, they may become sticky and stained. In such a case, use the previously mentioned diluted alcohol solution. However, do not spray it onto these components directly! Spray the solution on a cotton swab or clean microfiber, then wipe down the components.

Smart Devices

Chances are your office is filled with helpful smart devices. So, why not help them out by cleaning them? The process is quite simple and similar to what we previously mentioned. Clean out crevices with compressed air while ensuring you do not trap dirt further. Then wipe these devices with diluted alcohol, cotton swabs, and a microfiber cloth. Afterward, wipe down their screens, and that’s it!

Printers and other similar devices

Remember that device that works much for you by printing out the necessary paperwork? Well, it also needs some cleaning quite regularly. After all, it is one of the dirties places in the office! When you use your printer, it may leave some ink on it, harming its sensors. Therefore, wipe down the entirety of the printer with a dry cloth and only use a damp cloth on the outside casing of your printer. Use a cotton swab for particularly troublesome areas and spray the platen glass with some water before wiping it.

A man and a woman talking by a printer while the man is using it in an office setting.
Printers are one of the most neglected electronics when it comes to cleaning.

Wires and cords

The last things you must tackle when keeping your office electronics clean are their wires and cords. In most offices, wires and cables are everywhere since their numbers increase the more you add electronics and components. That is why you must be strategic when tackling this task.

First, ensure each electronic device is in your preferred location and close enough to a power source. Then, arrange these cables so they run behind or under desks or other types of furniture. Once done, you may use various cable management supplies such as clips to keep them together and as neat looking as possible. Make sure to wipe down these wires and cords regularly with a damp microfiber cloth and wait for them to dry before use. If all of this seems time-consuming – it is. One of the reasons many people opt for professional cleaning services is, so they have more time to focus on work while professionals focus on cleaning.

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