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Many of us hunger for the day when things will get back to normal. But when the pandemic ends (and it will), we’ll likely discover a new norm and new requirements on the workspace.

Starting to prepare for the new norm today will help you come out of this crisis, ready to operate on all cylinders.

Here’s what the new norm will look like and what you can do today to prepare for the post-pandemic workplace:

1.    Many employees will value the cleanness of their office building and so will your clients and partners. A clean and well disinfected environment to work on will be on everyone’s radar.

For many people, having this precaution at work will be an important factor to start going back to the office. Preventing people from getting sick by avoiding the spread of germs and viruses in the workspace through proper cleaning procedures and products will boost the confidence of your team as well their productivity.

This is a good time to contact a commercial cleaning company and review how you are cleaning your business and how you can improve the safety of your work environment when it comes to cleaning. SD Janitor Inc. has over 10 [clean] years of experience serving all San Diego County with expectational care and attention to our clients, their health and the cleanness of their workspace.

2.    Workers will be given some breathing space in the office. Workstations will be spaced out accordingly to allow for social distancing. This is great news for employees who for years, have struggled with being productive while being sandwiched between co-workers.

Now’s an excellent time to re-imagine and re-design current workspaces.

3.    Companies will no longer require leaders to crisscross the world or even the city for in-person meetings when video conferencing will do. As a result, productivity will rise, as travel expenses plummet. Employees will rejoice, as they will no longer have to deal with the stress associated with travel.

Take a look at your meeting spaces to make adjustments accordingly. People will stay more in the office, using the spaces provided. Some travel budgets could possibly be repurposed to have a cleaning crew more often at your office, making sure the space is clean, disinfected and safe.

4.    The sign hanging in every employee lunchroom that says, “Your mother doesn’t work here. Please clean up after yourself”, will be replaced with a sign that says, “Stop! Did you wash your hands for 20 seconds before preparing your meal?”

Oh, the breakroom. That is a place of gathering where the cleaning should not go overlooked after this pandemic. Let’s be honest, no matter how much you ask your team to clean the lunchroom, you will need a professional cleaning at least on a weekly basis to make sure it is truly cleaned and disinfected.

You can implore them to wash their hands for 20 seconds but clean like a pro? Nah, that will be unlikely they will. As for the new sign, order it now, as no doubt there will be a shortage reminiscent of the days when toilet paper was in short supply.

Important information and remarks:

  • Always visit the Center for Disease Control website for the most accurate information on pandemic prevention and infectious diseases prevention.
  • Perform routine cleaning regularly and as often as possible clean all surfaces
  • Wash your hands with soap and water (preferably warm water) to prevent the spread of Sars cov-2 from person to person and use masks. For hand hygiene, also have hand sanitizer always available.  
  • Clean daily high touch surfaces with disinfectant wipes
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