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Most of us spend more time at work than at our own homes. And we want to feel good and have the piece of mind we are working on a healthy and neat space, right?  It does not matter your role with the organization. We will all function better on clean and organized spaces. Now, if you are the “the boss”, you want your team to feel empowered, happy and productive. A clean workplace environment plays a crucial role on that.

First, let’s point out some “not so fun-facts”:

  • The average employee loses 9 working days a year to sickness, some of witch may be attribute to a lack of workplace hygiene.
  • A typical keyboard can carry up to 7.500 bacteria at ant giving time.
  • Viruses such as the fly can linger n unclean surfaces such as desks or electronics equipment for 24 hours.
  • A disorganized and dirty office or business is viewed as unprofessional by 95% of people.

A clean workplace is one of the most important factors in office productivity. If you want to get things done while you are at work, think about the benefits of office cleaning for you and your whole team. And also think the impression you will have on your clients!

While a clean workplace is not often mentioned as an important factor in productivity, it really should be. Here is a look at the ways that workplace cleanliness affects productivity.

Your Team, Your Clients and Your Health

Commercial office cleaning will start improving employee health by reducing stress and increase focus. This will reflect on the amount of time workers are out sick.

Also, the surfaces of an office can be contaminated quickly without regular, thorough cleaning. For example, we mentioned the average office keyboard has roughly 7,500 bacteria on it. Think about how easily you can get sick at work if you do not have a clean workspace, and you will start to realize how important office cleanliness really is.

When desks and other work areas start to get cluttered, it can naturally make people feel a little drained. If the clutter is not dealt with, over time it will lead to a enormous increase in employee stress.

Stress can lead to a number of health problems, including depression, fatigue, and sleep trouble, stomach issues and even drug abuse. Keeping your organization clean at all times helps to reduce the stress around the workplace.

Another health issue caused by dirty workplaces is their role in triggering allergies. When filth is left to accumulate in a space, it greatly increases the amount of dust and allergens in the air.

This can lead to dry eyes, scratch throats and other allergic reactions. It can also cause asthma attacks. All of these will greatly reduce worker productivity, making it imperative to keep the office clean.

When you are working in an organized, clean workplace, it is much easier to stay focus on your tasks. A messy work area makes you waste time looking for things. In addition, the excess clutter can also let your mind get distracted easily because it is constantly trying to make sense of the disorganization.

Keeping your workspace free of clutter will allow you to focus on what you are doing and get things done more quickly.

Even if your work area is clean, your neighbor’s messy desk can easily distract you. Only a professional cleaning company can keep a consisting job of the entire office.

That is why the best cleaning companies will help business to keep all work areas neat, organized and clean. The increase in worker productivity that happens when things stay organized is incredible. Having the right janitorial vendor can be seen as an investment in the well being of your employees too while boosting the productivity and morale of you staff.

A tidy workspace leads to a tidy mind. You should do everything possible to keep your workspace neat and orderly with regular, professional office cleaning.

Create and show the culture of cleanness with your team and watch the levels of productivity shoot way up.

You should take pride in your workspace by keeping it clean. When your office and working environment as a whole is clean, it makes you feel good about where you work. This good feeling is something that you will share with your coworkers. Feelings are contagious, which means your coworkers will start to experience a boost in morale as well.

When everyone in the company starts to realize the advantages of a clean workplace, the janitorial crew will become a company passion.

The rise in productivity that accompanies a clean office is amazing. Any company that is looking for an easy way to gain an advantage in the competitive business world should encourage workplace cleanliness for maximum productivity.

Call SD Janitor for a quote and let us help you with the cleaning of your business. Having a professional crew taking care of you cleaning needs will rise your productivity and you will have a much more happier staff, prouder of the space they work in.

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