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There’s no doubt that a dog can make any office space more inviting. And it can make going to work a more joyful experience for everyone. But having a dog in the office can make cleaning more difficult. You’ll have to take extra steps to ensure the office is clean and safe for everyone. That means paying extra attention to cleaning the floors and keeping the air fresh. These dog-friendly office cleaning tips will simplify keeping a tidy and functional workspace. You will always have a beautiful and functional dog-friendly office by using the right products and organizing your time and space.

Dog-friendly office cleaning means using the right products.

Certain cleaning products can be harmful to dogs. Before you purchase cleaning products for your office, ensure they are safe for dogs. Simple cleaning supplies can work just as well when you clean regularly. Use the right supplies and disinfect the space regularly from bacteria. It’s best to consult a vet to determine what materials should be avoided. If you are just moving into a new office space in California, for example,  you want to do a deep clean to make sure it is safe for dogs to be in the space. As for the moving, leave it in expert hands so you can spend more time organizing the space and shopping. Once you find dog-friendly cleaning supplies, keep them safely locked away. That way, they won’t be able to eat or spill them.

a dog napping on the floor
Create a separate area where the dog can take a nap

Create a cleaning routine

With a dog in the office, the workspace can quickly become messy. Dog hair can be particularly annoying to get rid of. That’s why tackling a mess as soon as it arises is important. Create a cleaning routine to keep your office space clean without any trouble.  More importantly, keep up with it and don’t skip any steps. Start the routine by removing any clutter and dusting. That task can be done at the end of each work week. Daily cleaning of the floors is excellent for tackling stains and dog hair. All areas for the dog, such as the feeding station and the nap area, should be tackled daily. Change the linens in the dog bed often, and remove all the hairs with a lint rolleAlsolly, don’t forget to clean your dog toys and accessories routinely.

Keep the air clean and fresh.

People tend to spend a lot of time in their office space. Because of this, it’s essential to keep it ventilated and always have fresh air. Cleaning the air with a dog can be a little more difficult. Air out the office space at the beginning and end of each workday. Depending on the weather and temperature, you can do this during the day. Investing in an air purifier is another intelligent thing in any workspace. That will keep the air fresh and help deal with any odors with a dog in the office.

dog-friendly office cleaning means cleaning certain areas with more attention, like the area around the chairs pictured here
Remember to clean the areas around the chair well.

Because of the dog in the office, purchasing air fresheners may not be a good idea. These can be harmful and toxic for dogs. Fresh fruit such as oranges and lemons can be a great way to make the air smell nice without risking the dog’s health. Another option for keeping an office clean can be purchasing fresh flowers. But, if you choose this choice, ensure your flowers aren’t harmful to dogs. Specific flowers can be toxic to dogs, so consult a veterinarian before purchasing. If you have other plants in the office space, check whether they can harm the dogs.

Cleaning floors in a dog-friendly office space

Daily vacuuming is essential for dog-friendly office cleaning. Most offices have their floors cleaned daily, but this step is even more critical in a dog-friendly workspace. After you’ve vacuumed the entire floor in your office, it’s time to move on to mopping. That step is necessary as dogs can bring in a lot of dirt through their paws. When you mop the floors, keep the dog in their separate area until the floors are dry. You can prevent much dirt from accumulating if you clean the dog’s paws every time you bring them in. To make sure every corner is clean, move some of the furniture. Office chairs can have a lot of pet hair around the wheels, so tackling this daily is essential. They can become difficult to use if not cleaned properly and regularly.

a dog napping on a couch
Dog-friendly office cleaning means washing linens in the office frequently

Prepare the office space

You must prepare well to keep an office with a dog clean. Start by pet-proofing the office and removing any objects that can be dangerous for them out of reach. You can create a separate area for the dog to play and nap in. That is a good idea as you’ll have a place to leave the dog in case of a meeting. If you have a kitchen area in the office, keep all the food out of their reach. Provide some toys for the dog and keep them in a designated place.

Of course, create a place for all the treats for the dog. Make a separate area for the dog’s food and water. That way, any mess a dog creates when eating will be noticed immediately and easier to clean. In addition, the entire space will look more organized. Any trash cans in the office should be closed and secured so the dog can’t get in them. If you can’t take the dog out every time they need to go potty, create a separate area just for that in the office.

Additionally, clean the area quickly and regularly to prevent odors. If you are just moving into the space, create the perfect layout for your dog-friendly office space. Experts from Bravo Moving advise you to work with professionals who have experience in office moving and understand its challenges. That ensures your office move goes smoothly for everyone.

In conclusion

Dog-friendly office cleaning can be easy with the right routine, and dog-friendly cleaning products can be easy. Daily keeping the air fresh and cleaning the floors, your office will always look its best. And the dog will be safe and happy in the space. When you organize your dog-friendly office, always leave a separate area for the dog’s food station and where they can nap. Being around many people can make them feel stressed, so they will appreciate that they have a space to be alone. With these tips in mind, you’ll easily keep your workspace tidy.

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