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There’s no denying that any office breakroom can become messy quickly. From coffee stains to dust bunnies, several things can ruin the look of an office breakroom. But it doesn’t have to be this way, as you can easily change it with a little effort. If you find keeping your office breakroom clean difficult, you can use these simple tips and tricks. By being consistent in your cleaning habits and working together as a team, you’ll turn your breakroom into a clean and welcoming space. Then, you’ll be pleased with the final results as the mess won’t distract you from work. Finally, these ways how to keep your San Diego office breakroom clean will make your workday more enjoyable. Knowing you have a fantastic place to relax during your break will motivate you to work harder.

Create a cleaning routine and schedule

Sticking to a routine is the secret to keeping any office breakroom clean. Being consistent in your cleaning schedule will give you great results. And, with a clear cleaning schedule, you’ll never forget to do anything. Divide things into those you need to do daily and weekly. On a day-to-day basis, you can do a couple of things to keep this space clean. For example, remove the trash, wipe all the surfaces in the office breakroom, and clean any remaining dishes. As for the weekly chores in an office breakroom, these can be watering the plants and vacuuming the floors. If everyone in your office works together to keep the breakroom clean, make a schedule that gives everyone equal work. Furthermore, if you don’t have the time to keep your breakroom clean, you can hire professional cleaners to handle some of the chores.

office workers on a coffee break
When you know how to keep your San Diego office breakroom clean, your coworkers will be happy too.

Equip your office with cleaning supplies

To keep your office breakroom clean, purchase the necessary cleaning supplies. Stock up on dish soap and sponges, which will be used quickly. For wiping down surfaces, purchase microfiber cloths. These are the best tools for cleaning dirty surfaces. In addition to these, you can purchase a small watering can for your office breakroom plants. In an office and the breakroom, dust and spider webs can accumulate over time. To tackle this, invest in an extendable duster. Now, you won’t have to risk injury by climbing a chair to reach these high spaces. For your office breakroom windows, purchase a glass cleaner. Lastly, the final touch when cleaning your office breakroom is to add an air freshener. Not only is this hack affordable, but it will make all the difference in the breakroom. These cleaning supplies are all you will need to keep your breakroom odorless and clean.

Deep clean and organize your breakroom kitchen

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the filthiest part of any office breakroom. With so many people using the space to make coffee and eat lunch, it can become messy quickly. That can become a problem if it isn’t cleaned regularly. Pests and mold are serious problems that can arise if you don’t take care of dirty areas quickly. That’s why keeping your office breakroom clean from leftovers is essential. Do the following if you want to keep your San Diego office breakroom clean from the kitchen mess. Set a time in your schedule for cleaning out the fridge. Any spoiled or moldy food should be removed as soon as you notice it. Also, at the end of each day, wipe down and disinfect the surfaces in the kitchen. Lastly, clean the coffee pot and microwave daily to keep them spotless.

One of the ways how to keep your San Diego office breakroom clean is to clean the kitchen daily.

An office breakroom is a space you should feel relaxed in. If the office breakroom is cluttered and untidy, it won’t be easy for anyone to relax. Keeping this space organized is just as important as keeping it clean. If your office breakroom is overflowing with inventory, it may be time to declutter it. You can declutter your office at the end of each month to keep useless things from taking up valuable space. But if your office is too small, you can upgrade to a bigger workspace. When you find a space in San Diego that’s large enough, it’s time to partner up with an expert team and move offices. Once you move into a larger office, you’ll easily keep clutter out of the breakroom. It will be a space designated for relaxing, eating lunch, or drinking coffee with your coworkers.

Make a designated place for everything

A consistent cleaning schedule and a well-organized space are all you need to make your breakroom look great. To organize your office breakroom and make it look fantastic, create a space for everything you need. Create a separate shelf for your mugs and plates in the kitchen area. If you have any magazines or games in the breakroom, find a place for them. Simple storage boxes can be helpful and act as decor in a breakroom. Another great way to organize your breakroom space is to use a label maker. It can be beneficial for labeling food in the fridge. Keep your cleaning supplies in one place so that they are easily accessible. To help your San Diego office breakroom stay clean, install hand sanitizers. Regularly sanitizing your hands will help keep your office breakroom clean and germ-free.

coworkers drinking coffee in the breakroom
A clean office breakroom can make work more enjoyable

How to keep your San Diego office breakroom clean: in summary

Any office breakroom can be clean and tidy with a little organization. If you are looking for simple ideas on how to keep your San Diego office breakroom clean, try these. They are easy and won’t take up too much of your time at work. Labeling, keeping a schedule, and using the right cleaning supplies is all you will need to make your office breakroom spotless. Ultimately, you’ll be left with a spotless office breakroom you and your coworkers will find pleasant to spend time in during your lunch break. And coming to work will be more enjoyable when you know you have a quiet and organized space to relax during your break.

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