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There is a lot more than just a basic cleaning a professional and reliable cleaning company like SD Janitor will do for your business. Office and working spaces cleaning required expertise and experience. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and we know-how.  Here are 15 most forget and overlooked areas around offices:

Behind printers and copy machines

Before you step away from that printer, take a look around. High performing copiers print many pages per minute, leaving tiny particles behind that accumulate around, under and behind printers.


Run your finger on top of baseboards and countertop backsplashes. Are they clean? The dust and grime that accumulate will find its way into HVAC systems and make the air you breathe less optimal.


Over the winter months, heating systems are in constant use, causing dust, allergens and other particles to adhere to heating vents and cold air exchange intakes. Also look up for vents located in the ceiling, such as those installed in bathrooms or kitchens.

Ceiling tiles

Keep looking up. Does your business have acoustic tiles on the ceiling? The rough texture of most acoustic tiles is notorious for collecting dust, and those located near vents are prone to dark staining.

Ceiling fan blades

Operating ceiling fans in winter can help to drive rising warm air back down to where it’s needed. But any dust or particles in the air can stick to fan blades like glue, creating a swirling grimy eyesore.

Light fixtures

If you haven’t noticed, fluorescent light fixtures commonly used in business settings are where bugs go to die. Additionally, light fixtures used on walls and desks commonly accumulate dust that dulls their shine.


Run your hand along walls, especially those located behind open doors or other areas that see less traffic. You may be surprised how many dust particles adhere to vertical surfaces, especially if the walls are textured or wallpapered.

Picture frames

Also run a cloth across the top of any picture frames hanging on the wall and inspect the face of any artwork to see if the glass has a grimy film or fingerprints, or if the canvas needs a dusting.


Whether hard surface or carpeted, the corners of stairways and stairwells accumulate salt, debris and anything else that may tag along on the bottom of someone’s shoes.

Switch plates and doorknobs

Illnesses are possible no matter the time of year. When’s the last time you sanitized one of the most commonly touched items in your facility? Research shows that contamination of just a single doorknob can help spread germs to an entire office within hours.

Office kitchen

Who knows what may be lurking behind the refrigerator or under the microwave? Do you dare look?


Compare the front of your upholstered furniture to the back or bottom of a cushion. Is it dingy in comparison? Are there nasty stains that could benefit from a steam cleaning?

Office chairs

The base and castors of most office chairs easily become filthy during the winter months due to slush, debris and salt on the bottom of shoes.

Plants and greenery

Whether live or artificial, you may be alarmed at the dust and cobwebs clinging to your foliage. Exactly how old are those artificial flowers, anyway? And how many dead or dying leaves are you willing to tolerate on live plants? When cleaning or caring for them is too burdensome, sometimes replacing them is the best option.

Tops of modular furniture

Dust accumulates on top of partitions, especially on and in between items displayed on upper cabinets, such as personal mementos, awards and photos.

So, how did you do? Making sure all these areas within your business are clean can feel overwhelming. While requiring employees to keep their personal spaces clean is understood, asking them to set aside their normal duties to clean common areas can minimize productivity and morale.

Consider letting SD Janitor Inc. do the dirty work for you by performing a deep cleaning of your workplace and then keeping it spic and span with a routine cleaning schedule. It will take less time and hassle than doing it yourself. And the result will be a professional, throughout cleaning with specific tools and products. And you can be assured that we are fully insured and have the right tools, equipment and cleaning products to get it done right.

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