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How a company provides services or goods to users often speaks volumes about its values. If you have excellent attention to detail and take pride in your work, you will expect the same from other companies you work with. However, that isn’t always the case, and the work of others can reflect on how customers perceive your business. Paying professionals to take care of your business premises sometimes doesn’t bring the best results – even if you spend a significant amount of money on these services. Not every cleaning company provides the same quality, and that’s something to remember when hiring a cleaning team. Know how to notice red flags with your office cleaning service – here are the signs it’s time to switch your commercial cleaning company.

Dealing with mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes or misses a spot. However, how you deal with complaints tells a lot about how you provide your services and care for the customers. Check how often your staff complained about specific cleaning issues and see if the problems were dealt with. If there’s a slow or no response to multiple complaints, it’s time to look for a new cleaning team. Professional cleaning teams ensure their services are top-quality but admit mistakes and try to deal with them as soon as possible.

High staff turnover

One of the red flags is constantly seeing new faces at your office. When a company has a high staff turnover, something is probably wrong with their work. Pay attention to the people coming to clean your offices. If they happen to be different frequently, it’s better to choose a more reliable cleaning team that provides better working conditions for their employees.

Pricing issues

Paying more for better quality services is not the issue here. The problem occurs when a company has a pricing system that’s difficult to understand, and prices vary significantly over a certain period. Try to get an explanation for their fees and services included, and if it’s still not 100% clear what you’re paying for – it’s time to switch your commercial cleaning company. Also, don’t be thrown by the too high or too low rates. High prices don’t guarantee high quality, whereas offers that are too good to be true can be a red flag. Shady or unprofessional companies will lower their fees to attract customers. The lowest rates are often suspicious, so be sure to hire a company based on recommendation and experience rather than their pricing list.


A vital feature of any good service provider is consistency. If one month your offices are sparkly clean and another your employees complainsomething is not right. There are several reasons why a commercial cleaning company doesn’t provide consistent results – changes in staff, poor management, lack of tools or training, etc. Either way, if your commercial cleaning team doesn’t offer the same quality services all the time, maybe it’s better to find the one that does.  

Poor results

One of the most obvious signs it’s time to switch your commercial cleaning company is not being satisfied with the results. Unprofessional staff or lack of proper tools and supplies will lead to poor results in cleaning your offices. Also, if their staff is not trained well, this can raise some security issues. Cleaning offices require special care as they include electronics and important documentation. For that reason, you need to hire a team that knows how to do this well and has competent staff.

A dirty office can influence your productivity

By hiring a professional cleaning team, you get a clean office and save time. This means you don’t need to deal with specific tasks and manage the cleaning schedule and obligations. However, if you still need to do any of these things, it’s time to find another cleaning team that will do the job without you managing it. Expert cleaning companies can do the job without anyone noticing and without disrupting the work atmosphere in the office. It’s not your job to micro-manage them, regardless of when they are cleaning your office space.

Lack of disinfection

The difference between a high-quality and average cleaning company is how they define the term ‘clean.’ Removing the trash, dusting the shelves, and replacing toilet paper are not enough. Disinfection of all surfaces is the key to having a hygienic and healthy environment. As you and your employees spend hours in those offices, you can easily see the office conditions in the immune system of the people who work there. If infections are common, this is a sure sign you should switch your commercial cleaning company. This is particularly important during a global pandemic, where we must pay special attention to how we take care of the space around us.

Moving your office – is it a good time to clean it?

Moving into a new office is a perfect moment to reconsider all the services you’re paying for and see if it’s time for a change. Deep-cleaning the office is essential before moving in. You should know that a clean space is crucial for starting to work in a fresh, welcoming environment. It’s one of the things to do before moving into a new office – and a reliable, expert cleaning team will help you achieve that.  

Decluttering before the move is something you can do to make this process even more efficient. Ask your employees to remove all the unnecessary items from their desks and office spaces, so the packing and cleaning can be more efficient.

Finally, taking measurements of the new space and old furniture is also essential. Peasley Transfer and Storage advise you to save time and take measures beforehand to ensure everything fits properly. If certain items are too small or too big for the new space, replacing them on time is much better than paying for their relocation and then deciding they are not fit.

Final words

Finding a better cleaning team can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’ve collaborated with someone for a long time. However, this is not something you should be sentimental about. When paying for professional services, you expect them to give excellent results. So, if you notice any of the signs we mentioned above, it’s time to switch your commercial cleaning company and find a more dedicated, qualified team to make your offices sparkle.

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