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There’s probably no need to emphasize that first impressions count greatly, if not the most. If you’re a homeowner looking for potential buyers, there’s no chance you’ll impress anybody with a dirty home. Subsequently, the odds of you sealing a winning deal aren’t really on your side. That’s why your home needs to be in perfect condition when potential buyers arrive to take a thorough tour of it. In other words: your home needs to be all sparkly and clean as a whistle! In the article below, we’ll show you some clean house tips for home sellers, i.e., you. Stay tuned!

Start with the windows

You have to start from somewhere, so why not windows? We’re pretty sure you agree with us when we say dirty windows aren’t that attractive. That’s why they have a privilege on the home cleaning checklist. Not only do they look like a mess when dirty, but they also let less light into the room. Clean windows allow better “communication” between the indoors and outdoors. If your windows block this dialogue, don’t think buyers won’t notice something’s a bit sketchy! Thoroughly clean the windows of your home, both inside and outside. Don’t forget to clear up any cobwebs you might find and ensure there are no visible streaks.

A woman cleaning a window using a sponge.
You might want to start with the windows! Clean windows ensure undisturbed communication between the indoors and outdoors.

Move on to the sinks

This is one of the clean house tips for home sellers that experts like to emphasize. They say a dirty sink inspires folks to think the whole house is messy. Needless to say, you’ll need to make sure your sinks are spotless and free of any stains that might compromise the way people see your beautiful home. It’s not like they’re surprising places you somehow forget to clean. They’re in plain sight! Cover your sinks in baking soda and add a bit of essential oil. That combo will make your sinks both clean and fragrant!

Get down, get down on the floor

The rhythm of the funky classic in the title led us to choose your next cleaning adventure. Proceed to the floors of your home. Scrub the tiles and also steam-clean your carpeting. Now, remember to pay some attention to the skirting boards. They’re known to gather a lot of dust over time, so make sure you give them a thorough wipe. Also, if you’ve got floorboards – clean them like a boss, too.

Take out the trash

This should’ve gone at the top. Imagine your realtor calls you and says your home needs to be ready for a short-notice home inspection. The first thing you’ll want to do is take care of the trash. You might even want to clean the inside of your can, too. A dirty, smelly trashcan is a sight only the bravest of us can endure or ignore. There’s a tiny chance your potential buyers are such folks.

An empty trashcan.
Don’t forget to empty out your trashcan before potential buyers arrive to inspect your home.

Have you heard about the 5-minute rule?

Speaking of a scenario where your realtor calls you, have you ever heard about the 5-minute (not to be confused with the 5-second rule)? If, not here’s the explanation: your house needs to be ready for a tour even if potential buyers give you a 5-minute notice. In other words, even if you choose to leave some clutter around the house, make sure you can clean it in 5 minutes or less. Statistics show that homeowners who follow this rule sell their home faster than their competitors.

Steam-clean your furniture

Before you do any cleaning, think about the stuff you own. If you notice there’s too much furniture in your home for it to look impersonal (that’s a necessity when staging a house), it might be time to do some (fake) downsizing. Make a selection and have your furniture transferred with ease to a storage facility or your new home (if you’re that lucky). The pieces of furniture that stay need to be steam-cleaned thoroughly, from top to bottom. Just be careful with wooden furniture. Always designate a little test area to see if the solution you use will damage the item.

A close-up of a wooden cabinet
Think about moving some of your furniture to a storage unit. The potential buyers will want the place to look impersonal.

Caption: Think about moving some of your furniture to a storage unit. The potential buyers will want the place to look impersonal.

Alt-tag: A close-up of a wooden cabinet.

The kitchen and bathroom need to shine

It’s safe to assume dirt intensifies in these areas of our homes. Even if there’s little of it, it won’t go unnoticed by potential buyers. You’ll need to make your kitchen and bathroom shine, so the mere sight of them hurts (in a good way). Research results conclude that buyers know to be especially strict regarding these two rooms. So, yeah, you know what’s there to be done. If this seems too much of a hassle to you, feel free to hire professional cleaners. There’s no going wrong with that piece of advice!

Don’t forget about the outer side of your home

It’s not only the inside that counts here. Potential buyers will pay special attention to the outside of your home (so-called curb appeal). That’s why you should make sure your front yard/backyard looks clean and neat: the lawn needs to be mowed, plants trimmed, rubbish cleared out, etc. The folks at royalmovingco.com told us that curb appeal isn’t something you’d want to overlook when trying to sell your home. Since they’ve been in the business for quite some time, there’s no need to distrust them on that one.

Handle toys and clutter

If you’ve got little kids, make sure their toys aren’t all around the house. As we’ve said, your home needs to be impersonal just so your buyers can imagine giving their own touch to the place. Also, your home needs to look ready for new owners and residents. Children’s toys sing a different tune, and buyers recognize it! This also stands for adult clutter (magazines, letters, etc.).

Final words

Okay, that should do it! By following the clean house tips for home sellers we’ve shown you above, you’ll make sure the buyers notice your effort! Subsequently, your home will be sold faster, and you won’t have to cut the price to attract buyers that were turned off by it at first. Lastly, don’t forget to consider these tips when forming a move-out cleaning checklist!

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