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Having pets is a beautiful thing, and spending time with them can bring so much joy to our lives. They are cute, cuddly, lovely, and fun to interact with. But let’s be honest – pets can be super messy. Problems like pet hair and stains on the carpet and droppings and shavings getting into places you wouldn’t expect are common for pet owners. Plus, some mischief is normal in pets, but cleaning it up can be a tedious, never-ending task. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep your house clean with indoor pets. But don’t worry, these valuable tips will help you keep your home clean with indoor pets!

1 Bring in the doormat

You usually see a doormat outside of a door. Bringing it into your home could help keep your house clean with indoor pets. Small rugs can be placed at the entrances to capture any dirt and dampness your pet may bring in. Place one under the sofa, table, and any other place where your pet likes to curl up. This is especially helpful if you have a cat since they usually enjoy narrow, unreachable areas that are typically the dirtiest places in the home. These rugs are easy to clean since they don’t allow anything to soak in. Carpet tiles are another fantastic alternative, as they allow you to change them section by section in case of a deep, uncleanable stain.

2 Watch your fabrics

To avoid a dirty couch and a clawed-up carpet, choose decor composed of long-lasting, hard-wearing materials. Stain-resistant fabrics should be used in high-traffic areas like the living room wherever possible. Choose materials that can be easily washed and dried. Cleanliness will be easier to maintain, as will the overall appearance of your home. This is especially important if you plan to leave, as it will minimize the stress of deep cleaning before moving out. Nobody likes furniture full of pet hair, and neither will the new tenants, so make sure you prepare in advance!

A white puppy on a clean brown leather couch
Leather is a good option for pet-owners, as it’s durable, easy to clean, and fur-proof!

3 Maintain a regular cleaning plan

Regular cleaning is essential, whether it’s washing your dog or cat’s bedding or cleaning out an enclosure for a bird, small animal, or reptile. Unclean living spaces for pets can make your house smell, make your pet uncomfortable, and cause the growth of germs and bacteria, all of which can lead to illness or infection. If you have a cat, make sure you clean their litter box every day. Remember that the type of litter you use can reduce or increase the odor of the litter box itself! Vacuum and wash any pet furniture you might have in your house every week if you can. You can even create a weekly plan for cleaning pet-oriented places in your home.

4 A good vacuum means a clean house

If you’re a new pet owner, you might think that your old and worn-out vacuum cleaner is still sufficient to take care of things. But any seasoned animal lover will tell you – investing in a good vacuum is vital. To get rid of stray hairs and unpleasant odors, you have to have a good machine. A powerful suction, a high-quality filter, and a good brush motion are necessary if you want to remove hair from the surface rather than glide over it. This is a pretty tough job when it comes to cleaning carpets, especially as they’re hard to clean even without all the pet hair stuck in them.

You’ll need to vacuum so frequently if you have a pet who sheds in your house that you might even want to consider getting a robot vacuum cleaner as you can keep it on constantly! Whichever option you go for, keep your vacuum filter free of pet hair and other debris by cleaning it regularly.

A smart vacuum cleaner being inspected by two indoor kittens, representing a way to keep your house clean with indoor pets.
A smart vacuum might be a good option for pet owners due to its auto-pilot cleaning style.

5 Take care of your pet’s things

Beds, toys, and even leashes can accumulate foul odors. Therefore, they should be cleaned regularly. See if you can wash them in the washing machine; if not, you can do it by hand in the sink. Save this task for a sunny day and let them dry outside in the sun because it will remove any lingering smells. If your pet has a million toys scattered around, offset this by placing them in cute baskets around the house. Remember to always check behind furniture and other nooks we rarely inspect, as toys can get stuck there. Do a thorough examination of your pet’s toys for signs of wear and tear. Wash and donate any of your pet’s toys that they no longer use if you can.

A kitten playing with a set of pink toys.
Pet toys need to be clean and well-kept for the enjoyment of both you and your pets! That’s necessary if you want to keep your house clean with indoor pets.

6 Rolling for a clean house with indoor pets

Lint rollers are a lifesaver among pet owners. They can pick up hair and debris from all kinds of surfaces, from clothes to furniture. They are portable and easy to keep as most of them are made from layers upon layers of sticky paper that can easily be changed. Keeping one at your fingertips in every room can help you get rid of pet hair in an almost effortless way. Pick up the closest lint roller and roll your sofa or bed whenever you can.

Closing words

Don’t think it’s impossible to keep your house clean with indoor pets. The most important thing is to love and care for your animal companions! The dirt and debris that come with pets may be caught and cleaned successfully using a variety of approaches we have mentioned. We hope that this guide has helped you keep your pets and your home clean!

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